Welcome to Netship

Since the beginning in 2009, we have developed and built entrepreneurial online ventures to grow on the Swedish market. We are now ready to take the next step and expand on the European market.

Our mission is to start, develop, build and invest in online ventures to help companies create accessible, time- and cost-effective services and products on the Internet.

Our vision has always been to become a leader of the market we are operating in. So far we have been focusing on the Swedish market but with our expansion we have automatically integrated with the remaining Nordic markets. We have now realized the demand for our services in other parts of Europe and can continue our expansion due to earlier experience.

The next step

Netship is now ready for the next step in our strategy and vision. We will expand our business and continue to help our customers with their online ventures.

Together with our knowledge, innovative entrepreneurship and great enthusiasm Netship can develop new, unique and exciting online ventures. We believe that these three keywords will be to our advantage to be successful and continue to grow and integrate in new markets.

Dennis Pettersson